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Car Boot Bargains and A Doll Experiment

We went to a car boot sale in Yeovil today so I thought I’d show you a few cute things I bought.

This till has  a broken bit on the side at the bottom, but DG pointed it out on the 20p pile, and when we rung it open, it had play money inside! I think it might look cute in photos, so for now it’s a prop. But how could you resist?



Then I found this little bag, made of wood, kind of Japanese style.  I wasn’t struck straight away what to do with it, but I knew I loved it and just had to have it. I think it needs a few fabric flowers to brighten it up, and to cover that little mark on the top.


There seems to be a theme with money today. I found this green metal cash box, and it has the tray inside. I have a larger black one already, but I just think these are cool. This one makes me think of the scouts, maybe the colour and it’s on the small, cute size.



I found a few books for making into envelopes, my favourite is the Van Gogh. I’ve been thinking how good some art envelopes might look.


And finally, I treated myself to a necklace. I thought recently that I’d like a grown up sort of necklace. This was all in a tangle on the table, and the man only wanted 50p. When I got home I had a closer look and it’s silver. How marvelous!


So that’s all my bargains of the day. While DG was fixing up the camper on Saturday, I cut up some of his old pants to experiment with doll making. This is in preparation for a series of workshops I’ll be doing with Hazel at a local day centre. We are going to be making dolls, so I figured I’d better have a go. I’ve been doing my visual homework, and I’m pretty pleased with this doll. She seems to have quite a personality even though she has no face, yet. I just haven’t been brave enough yet! More research required there. She took more stuffing than I expected.



Tomorrow I want to tell you about the market I did last weekend. Totally out of chronological order, I know, but better late than never, right?