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Worthing Indoor Market

So I promised to tell you about my experience of hosting a stall at the Indoor Market in the Pavillion, Worthing. I’ve sprinkled photos in as this is a wordy post. There are a few different sales there, Indoor market, Craft Fair and Gift Fair. I had been preparing to do a local Sunday Art Market, but it fell through at the last minute so I had itchy feet to do some kind of sale. So the Indoor Market was what I found, and they had spaces.


Actually, I got two tables for the price of one cos they had the space, and my friend Ellie had the other table to sell her dolls. After we set up, we had a chance to chat to other stall holders. The biggest thing I learnt from a few die-hard sellers is that it doesn’t make much difference whether you sell at the Indoor Market, Craft or Gift Fair, they mostly see the same crowd of buyers. Another gemĀ I learned is that people don’t tend to buy straight away, but like to come back. So that might mean come back today, or another day. Which means you have to be a regular seller to make an impact on the minds of the buyers.


I was pretty pleased with how my stall looked, and I had spent most of Saturday preparing. I drew some price labels on the backs of packaging boxes. I covered a couple of cushions in those monochrome colours so the broaches would stand out (hand stitched on the back though, so don’t look!). I made a few extra pairs of earrings and got them all carded up. I sorted and priced a box full of vintage fabrics. I found a box to put the Little Treasures in, a vintage bread tin to put the lavender hearts in, and fabric (curtains) for table cloths. I made the display cards for the envelope drawers. And then I packed a kit box so that I could work all day behind my table. So you can see why it took almost all day. But, I’m pleased with how the table looked, and all that preparation most definitely paid off for a calm and organised start to the market day.


I have to admit that I also had two crates of Lego, Star Wars, Dr Who and various other collectable toys. These were from DG’s days of Ebaying. I have to admit they were there, because by the end of the day, they were many less in number and paid for the table. In fact, I only sold one set of envelopes and a few Little Treasures. Not how I envisaged the day going.


However, I am not discouraged. Not one bit. Because that’s the optimistic kinda gal I am! Plus, I got lots of great of lovely comments from browsers. One lady in particular got really excited about the zip broaches. It felt amazing to see someone so enthused. Shame she didn’t buy one though. Many people picked up and flicked through the envelope sets, cooing slightly. It was a Snoopy set that went on to greater things than sitting in my For Sale box.


I was foxed for a while as to why so many older gentlemen were scratching through the Little Treasures box. As I was gazing at one such, and pondering this question, it struck me that he looked like a train spotter. Ahhh! Trains. Model trains. Well, I guess there’s not much of interest in my box of Little Treasures to the older gentleman train modeller.


This is Ellie with her dolls

I spoke to a couple of stall holders who know the venue well, and they both said what a slow day they’d had, with many browsers and few buyers. Still, I did get a lot of work done, finishing and making some broaches, and I cut, folded and glued an entire book’s worth of envelopes. They were from a fishing book that was all in the comic strip style. I’ll put up a pic to show you.

So I enjoyed the day, even though it wasn’t that profitable. Ellie and I are going to try other markets and venues, in other towns. I’ll let you know how they go too. At the moment, I am pitching my envelopes and broaches to a bricks and mortar shop in the Brighton Lanes. More on that to follow …