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Etsy Finds: Birthday Earrings (Part 2)

RESERVED for BobbinStreet Recycled Tin Mini Dress Earrings- No. 62 Delft Blue

I’ve decided on the Windmill Earrings from Shixie, but woe! Those Seaweed earrings by PolishedTwo have sold out! So I’ve had another window shopping session and here are some more beautiful earrings to choose from, if that’s possible.

Lace Earrings

Lace Earrings by RobinsonArtGlass. Tiny pieces of lace trapped in glass really shows off the lace.

Matte Metallic Khaki Iris Earrings

Matte Metallic Khaki Iris Earrings by ss10001. Having searched through thousands of pairs of earrings, it’s wonderful to find real craft, and this might be the best use of macrame I’ve ever seen.

Blue Dodo Illustration earrings

Blue Dodo Illustration Earrings by InLimboArt. Bottle tops beatifully recycled, and a little humour. I like the length of wire making them into longer drops.

Colador Earrings - Bordeaux

Colador Earrings Bordeaux by Meetalls. Enamelled, hammered and pierced copper, a simple yet striking design.

 Beach Bum - Vintage Blue Enamel and Sea Urchin Lucite Earrings

Beach Bum Vintage Blue Enamel and Sea Urchin Lucite Earrings by Poetica. I love everything about these, the texture, pattern, colours. All the differences pull together and do make me think of wind swept days on pebbly beaches.

FOREVER LOVE - Xs and Os - Vintage Typewriter Key Earrings

Forever Love X’s and O’s – Vintage Typewriter Key Earrings by GemmaBeads. I like the idea of wearing old type writer keys, but not until I saw these did I want a pair. What a perfect combinations of elements.

Petite Drop Brass and Aqua Enamel Earrings Perfect For Fall 2009 Lightweight Turquoise Blue Deco Inspired
Petite Drop Brass and Aqua Enamel Earrings by go2girl.  Although these are definately smaller than I would wear, I love the design and enamel.

Chartreuse and Peridot Cluster Cup Earrings
Chartreuse and Peridot Cluster Cup Earrings by tekaandzoe. These make my heart flutter – they look so delicate and pale, like coral that might shatter to the touch. I love love love that the backs of the little cups have been coloured as the front, and then the little ruffled edges that are bare. Beautiful work.


Tee-Recon by Alter


I love the simplicity of this tee-recon from Alter.

Recylced Jumper Dress

25_1232227089I am slightly obsessed with how freakin’ cool this dress is. Flattering, cool design, and made from ugly old jumpers!

Thank goodness for the goodness that is OutsaPop Trashion for her detailed tutorial. Checkout other stuff she has made on Cut Out + Keep.

Birdhouses made from recycled fabrics







Aren’t these birdhouses made by Tamar Mogendorff just so cute! They are a mixture of two things I love: recycling materials and birds. They are for sale via the Selvedge website.


This hen with her eggs is also adorable.

Selvedge is a magazine and website for crafters to showcase and sell their work, or in their own words “well-fashioned design, beautiful raw materials and integrity in the process of making”. I find it very inspirational.