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Etsy Finds: Birthday Earrings

It’s my thirrmphtieth birthday next month, and I think I’d like some special earrings to celebrate, so I’ve been hunting for possible candidates. I can see there is a recycling theme here. Click on the pics to go to the item on Etsy.

Antique Needlepoint Earrings
Antique Needlepoint Earrings by ThatOldBlueHouse2. Recycled embroidery? Win.

Seaweed by polishedtwo. These are made from shards of porcelain. I love the colours.

Spoon Earrings Arbutus Raindrop
Spoon Earrings Arbutus Raindrop by dankartistry. Recycled cutlery – you didn’t guess, did you?

RESERVED for lunaseagal

Tin dress earrings by shixie. I’m having the biggest problem choosing one pair of these super-cute earrings, so I’ve put up this pic that was a custom listing, so you can see my trouble … I think my fave here are the blue and white delft style on the top row. Other ones I  love are the striped ones, but I don’t wear a lot of red, and the old fashioned florals, but again, the colours are hard to choose. I wear a lot of blue, and white will go with lots of things.

Finches Recycled Vinyl Record Silhouette
Finches Recycled Vinyl Record Silhouette by RandomPrefect. I could see these little birds as earrings, and I love that they are cut from records. Songbirds!


CLICK by stonestudios. I again had trouble choosing one colour of beach found stones, so have chosen these multi coloured ones. I fiddle with my earrings and I love that the seller describes how the stones click against each other.

Victorian Scissors Necklace
Victorian Scissors Necklace by mamaslittlebabies. Oh to wear Victorian drawings from one’s ears … I would choose a non-matching pair with a relation to sewing, with a little colour to bring them together.

So these are my favourite finds so far. Let me know what you would choose, or if you think I might like some other earrings that you’ve seen.


Shixie has made two pairs of Delft tin dress earring for me to choose from. Which would you choose?

RESERVED for BobbinStreet Recycled Tin Mini Dress Earrings- No. 62 Delft BlueRESERVED for BobbinStreet Recycled Tin Mini Dress Earrings- No. 62 Delft Blue