Etsy Hacks, Tips and Tricks for Sellers

Thanks to all the sellers who are sharing their secrets. I just had to bookmark this as this stuff it’s what I’ve been wising for!


Mimi Kirchner’s Dolls

Mimi Kerchner makes the most adorable dolls from recycled and vintage materials. Check out her blog to see new dolls as they are created. My absolute faves are the tattooed men, but it’s a close thing!

Zippidy Doo Daa Zippidy Day

Lookie what I found in a charity shop today! I really thought I’d never find a load of these just waiting for me to take them home, just the odd one or two that wouldn’t even be worth it. And all these for only £3.


and here’s another pic, I just turned the pile over to show off all the colours.

IMG_1106 You can check out the broaches I’ve started making with these metal teeth zips on my Etsy.

I just discovered Jude Hill

6a00d8341c8bd453ef0120a4c8c52c970bOh my gosh. Have you ever come across a blog and feel like you’ve met a kindred soul? That’s how I felt when I read into Jude Hill’s three blogs. Yes three.

My favourite is the first one I came across, named What If. Here Jude documents her experiments with stitchery, and I am much enamoured with her workings.

She also sells some of her work on Etsy.

Square Shirt Dress to Have a Go At

Picture 1

Oooh, how cute does this dress look? It’s Kwiksew 3718 but I reckon it wouldn’t be too difficult to create myself. I think I might have a go … Wish me luck!

Dragon Dress Tutorial

Clothing037revisedI saw this dress on the net a while ago and loved it then. It’s a beautiful use of the print. Pink Hickey has written a comprehensive tutorial to make her dress and it’s quite simple.

There’s not enough of me in my life

This is a phrase that came to me as I was washing up this afternoon. It sort of formed in front of me, in a hazy textile form that I’m still not certain of. I think it’s an emotional response to the current chapter of my life, but inspired by the afternoon I spent in the Worthing Open Houses Shop.

This has been set up in what was previously a florist’s in the Guildbourne Centre in Worthing, as part of the Empty Shops Network initiative. The shop is full of hand crafted bags, scarves, jewellery, prints and more, made by the exhibitors involved in this years Open Houses arts trail in Worthing. As sales are made and more items are displayed, what you might find is changing day to day and you can be sure of a warm welcome and a chat with one of the “staff” and certainly no pressure to buy anything.

I volunteered to help out but had never met anyone involved, so I arrived to a few exclamations of “Ahh, that’s you”. Hazel Imbert, Sarah Sepe and Lyn Leese are part of Moving Stitches, a community arts project that aims to share textile skills with people of all ages and abilities. It was so good for my creative soul to share experiences of textiles and teaching, to know that I am not alone. This may sound dramatic, but something like this shop that attracts the likeminded makes you realise how many people there are in their homes doing similar creative things to me. I want to get us all together so we can share and make friends and inform each others work.

Which is what happened to me today. So I’m off to think more about “There’s not enough of me in my life”, representing the changing tilt of my life. I think its a cushion. I think there’ll be some pieces of fabrics and bits of trim. I think it’s mostly hand stitched as that seems more personal somehow, the labour intensity feeling correct for the piece. This is the first time I’ve been inspired to make something so personal. I hope I can carry it through to a finished piece.

Thank you to those I met today who have inspired me so.