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Oh this could be addictive …

The Eyeballing Game. But I’m glad to see that my guesstimation skills are as good as I’d hoped: I hit the centre of the circle dead on. Now if only I could transfer these skills to darts …

I’ve just remembered what my Nana called this. She’s from Lancashire originally. I can only do a phonetic spelling because I’ve never seen it written: rack at thay. It means rake of the eye, and was most often used when straightening a picture on the wall by eyeing it rather than measuring it. It’s a lovely little saying, isn’t it.

Do you know any little sayings that have been handed down in your family, but have never heard in the wider world?


Etsy Finds: Birthday Earrings (Part 2)

RESERVED for BobbinStreet Recycled Tin Mini Dress Earrings- No. 62 Delft Blue

I’ve decided on the Windmill Earrings from Shixie, but woe! Those Seaweed earrings by PolishedTwo have sold out! So I’ve had another window shopping session and here are some more beautiful earrings to choose from, if that’s possible.

Lace Earrings

Lace Earrings by RobinsonArtGlass. Tiny pieces of lace trapped in glass really shows off the lace.

Matte Metallic Khaki Iris Earrings

Matte Metallic Khaki Iris Earrings by ss10001. Having searched through thousands of pairs of earrings, it’s wonderful to find real craft, and this might be the best use of macrame I’ve ever seen.

Blue Dodo Illustration earrings

Blue Dodo Illustration Earrings by InLimboArt. Bottle tops beatifully recycled, and a little humour. I like the length of wire making them into longer drops.

Colador Earrings - Bordeaux

Colador Earrings Bordeaux by Meetalls. Enamelled, hammered and pierced copper, a simple yet striking design.

 Beach Bum - Vintage Blue Enamel and Sea Urchin Lucite Earrings

Beach Bum Vintage Blue Enamel and Sea Urchin Lucite Earrings by Poetica. I love everything about these, the texture, pattern, colours. All the differences pull together and do make me think of wind swept days on pebbly beaches.

FOREVER LOVE - Xs and Os - Vintage Typewriter Key Earrings

Forever Love X’s and O’s – Vintage Typewriter Key Earrings by GemmaBeads. I like the idea of wearing old type writer keys, but not until I saw these did I want a pair. What a perfect combinations of elements.

Petite Drop Brass and Aqua Enamel Earrings Perfect For Fall 2009 Lightweight Turquoise Blue Deco Inspired
Petite Drop Brass and Aqua Enamel Earrings by go2girl.  Although these are definately smaller than I would wear, I love the design and enamel.

Chartreuse and Peridot Cluster Cup Earrings
Chartreuse and Peridot Cluster Cup Earrings by tekaandzoe. These make my heart flutter – they look so delicate and pale, like coral that might shatter to the touch. I love love love that the backs of the little cups have been coloured as the front, and then the little ruffled edges that are bare. Beautiful work.

Etsy Finds: Birthday Earrings

It’s my thirrmphtieth birthday next month, and I think I’d like some special earrings to celebrate, so I’ve been hunting for possible candidates. I can see there is a recycling theme here. Click on the pics to go to the item on Etsy.

Antique Needlepoint Earrings
Antique Needlepoint Earrings by ThatOldBlueHouse2. Recycled embroidery? Win.

Seaweed by polishedtwo. These are made from shards of porcelain. I love the colours.

Spoon Earrings Arbutus Raindrop
Spoon Earrings Arbutus Raindrop by dankartistry. Recycled cutlery – you didn’t guess, did you?

RESERVED for lunaseagal

Tin dress earrings by shixie. I’m having the biggest problem choosing one pair of these super-cute earrings, so I’ve put up this pic that was a custom listing, so you can see my trouble … I think my fave here are the blue and white delft style on the top row. Other ones I  love are the striped ones, but I don’t wear a lot of red, and the old fashioned florals, but again, the colours are hard to choose. I wear a lot of blue, and white will go with lots of things.

Finches Recycled Vinyl Record Silhouette
Finches Recycled Vinyl Record Silhouette by RandomPrefect. I could see these little birds as earrings, and I love that they are cut from records. Songbirds!

CLICK by stonestudios. I again had trouble choosing one colour of beach found stones, so have chosen these multi coloured ones. I fiddle with my earrings and I love that the seller describes how the stones click against each other.

Victorian Scissors Necklace
Victorian Scissors Necklace by mamaslittlebabies. Oh to wear Victorian drawings from one’s ears … I would choose a non-matching pair with a relation to sewing, with a little colour to bring them together.

So these are my favourite finds so far. Let me know what you would choose, or if you think I might like some other earrings that you’ve seen.


Shixie has made two pairs of Delft tin dress earring for me to choose from. Which would you choose?

RESERVED for BobbinStreet Recycled Tin Mini Dress Earrings- No. 62 Delft BlueRESERVED for BobbinStreet Recycled Tin Mini Dress Earrings- No. 62 Delft Blue

Etsy Hacks, Tips and Tricks for Sellers

Thanks to all the sellers who are sharing their secrets. I just had to bookmark this as this stuff it’s what I’ve been wising for!

Zippidy Doo Daa Zippidy Day

Lookie what I found in a charity shop today! I really thought I’d never find a load of these just waiting for me to take them home, just the odd one or two that wouldn’t even be worth it. And all these for only £3.


and here’s another pic, I just turned the pile over to show off all the colours.

IMG_1106 You can check out the broaches I’ve started making with these metal teeth zips on my Etsy.

Contemporary Hair Jewellery


These pieces of jewellery are the work of award-winning Melanie Bilenker. The fine lines are drawn with her own hair, similar to Victorian mourning portraits made with the hair of a loved one. However, Melanie’s captured images are the quiet moments of everyday life we all recognise.

A Doily Bowl


How sweet is this bowl? I can see it on my dressing table with earrings hanging from the top and a glass necklace curled in the bottom. There is a tutorial for how to turn a fabric doily into a bowl here at Design*Sponge.