My name is Vicki and I live in Worthing, which is a sea side town in England with a pebble beach. Since completing my foundation Degree in costume at Northbrook College, I have worked as a tailor’s assistant, dressed at Brighton’s Theatre Royal and Glyndebourne Opera House, and created costumes for various companies. I work with learners of all ages and abilities in two different institutions, enabling them to achieve their best. In return they constantly surprise me.

I love all forms of creativity and especially fabric and stitch. I am a stickler for practical things and find it hard to do anything that doesn’t result in something useful. But I am learning. I like things to be perfect and just so and how they look in the design in my head. I get frustrated when things don’t go perfectly and I have to rework them, or remember how to do it differently next time. But I am learning. Luckily, I love learning.


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  1. i found you when i was googling tea set crafts. i like the look your blog and look forward to reading more. by the way i live in kalgoorlie ,western australia.

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